Sunday, February 28, 2016

By Myself

Kochani! Jeśli śledzicie moje ostatnie posty lub też wpadacie na mój Instagram (TUTAJ) to zapewne zauważyliście moje upodobanie do tzw. choker'ów, czyli naszyjników noszonych bardzo blisko szyi. Większość z nich zrobiłam sama z aksamitki zakupionej w pasmanterii, dzięki temu mam fajną, nową "biżuterię" za grosze (dosłownie!). Ten który widzicie dzisiaj jest również produkcji własnej, jednak wstążeczki nie zakupiłam - była ona dodatkiem do prezentu od męża. Wystarczyło poświęcić chwilę i z jednego prezentu zrobiły się dwa :)

ENG: If you follow my latest posts or my Instagram profile (HERE), you will see that recently I am a huge fan of chokers. Most of them I did myself and the one from today's post is no exception. I made it from a ribbon which was a pretty addition to a gift from my hubby. This way I got not one but two presents at the same time. Hope you guys like it!

 fot. gootex ♥

płaszcz/coat - Bershka (podobny TUTAJ/similar HERE)
sweter/sweater - sh (podobny TUTAJ/similar HERE)
spodnie/pants - H&M (podobne TUTAJ/similar HERE) 
buty/shoes - Zara (podobne TUTAJ/similar HERE)
torebka/bag - Paulina Schaedel  (TUTAJ/HERE) 
kolczyki/earrings - Kolonia12 (TUTAJ/HERE) 
choker - DIY  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Art jam / fruit recipes

Black Jam / berries (Kalajam / Jamun) of West Bengal is one of the very famous Bengali sweet and tasty and also quite different from the individual countries such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and also created and loved is done. Black rose jam berries or milk powder in the same way Mawa is prepared by the Bengali people know the name of this dish is to eat jam. Black berries we built in round or cylindrical dark brown / black color making to prepare fried on low flame, making it look even more beautiful and appetizing looks, we specifically for today with you this Diwali delicious dish black jam / fruit which will share the recipes you try making this dish at home can very easily we black so let's jam / berries (Kala jam / Jamun) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Kala Jam / Jamun Recipe) -
To create black berries (For Kala Jam / Jamun) -
Lost / Mawa (Mawa) - 250 gm
Flour (Maida) - 2-3 teaspoons
Cardamom powder (Cardamom Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Baking powder (Baking Powder) - 2 pinch (Optional)
Milk (Milk) -2-3 spoons
Ghee (Pure Ghee) - Black Plum for frying
To make the sugar syrup (For Sugar Syrup) -
Sugar (Sugar) - 2 cups
Water (Water) - ½ cup
Cardamom powder (Cardamom Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Kesar (Saffron) - 10-15 (Optional)

Method (How To Make Kala Jam / Jamun) -
Grate lost the first black to make jam and grated lost while removing the flour in a large bowl, cardamom powder, baking powder, etc. Mix and thoroughly mixed. Mix all of the ingredients were then played dead milk mixture a bit soft flour prepare platted. Now the braided dough, making sure to lubricate very well crush crush'll be the black soft drinks and more. Now to make the black drink mix has been completed, cover the mixture and leave it for about 10 minutes, until the mixture will be set for as long as we drink syrup Bnaiengen black.

Bnaiengen syrup: -
To make sugar syrup of sugar and water in a large pot, add the First Place on medium heat and ladle of syrup periodic continued, when sugar is dissolved, add the saffron and cardamom powder and mix and cook syrup. Once the sugar syrup boil and cook 4-5 minutes. 1 drop of syrup in a plate so that the syrup Tpakakr Czech pasting between finger and thumb, if it is a small wire has become frothy, turn off the gas. A string of black berries syrup is ready.

Now we drink black / berry Bnaiengen: -
Mawa to black berries mix well knead once again, mixing a little of the mixture (about half spoon), scoring shot by placing it between the palms of both cylindrical in shape with a plate put in stay. Similarly, the tablet made from mixing black jam by making sure to prepare the cylindrical shape. Now we will deep-fried black berries. Black berries to deep-fried in a pan on the gas, keep adding fuel to heat it. When they become heated oil well gas and black berries turn down 2-3 goals fry it in hot oil. You note that this particular black berries and they should only slow the gas Fry Fry ladle at the time of hot ghee and add black berries turn brown after being lightly sauté turn. When the layer of black berries around the dark brown color comes out of the frying pan and fry the black berries in a plate and keep it down to a little cold (about 2 minutes) light put in hot syrup. This will make the entire mixture into a cylindrical black berries syrup fry. Fried black berries in syrup Bhingo keep about 1 hour after the soft swell, become spongy and sweet, yet you black berries out in the serving plate Serve piping hot or chilled. Delicious black berries (Kala Jamun) has been completed.

Note: -
1. All black berries black berries in ghee before you put one fry test is to ensure that if the black berries burst, then mix in the melted butter and mix Mix a little flour.
2. Fry the black berries are always on a very low flame, because if you do they fry on high heat, then it will not sink in well.

Mix vegetable pasta recipe

Mix vegetable pasta (Mix Vegetable Pasta) is a very famous Italian dish, which is made in different ways too. In today's time with the kids as well as elders also likes pasta, pasta flavored in different ways for making breakfast or snacks can be prepared is by. Today we Bnaiengen spiral pasta mixed with many vegetable dishes are delicious, so it will be quite Healthy Come today we mix the vegetable pasta (Mix Vegetable Pasta) will share recipes.

Required materials (Ingredients For Mix Vegetable Pasta Recipe) -
Pasta (Pasta) - ½ cup (boiled)
Capsicum (Green Capsicum) - 1 (finely chopped)
Green pepper (Green Chilly) - 2 (finely chopped)
Onion (Onion) - 1 (finely chopped)
Carrots (Carrot) - 1 (finely chopped)
Frozen peas (Frozen Peas) - ½ cup
Frozen Sweet corn (Frozen Sweet Corn) - ½ cup
Tomato sauce (Tomato Sauce) - 3-4 tsp
Jeera (Cumin Seeds) - ½ teaspoon
Chilli Powder (Red Chilly Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Oil (Oil) - 3-4 tsp
Salt (Salt) - to taste

Method (How To Make Mix Vegetable Pasta) -
Mix vegetable oil in a pan, add the pasta to make the first gas to keep warm, they become the best in the hot oil cumin oil, add chopped onion and chopped green pepper fry for about 1 minute, now this spices roasted chopped capsicum, carrots, frozen peas and cook for 2-3 minutes, add frozen sweet corn. Then we had boiled vegetables cooked pasta, tomato sauce, red chilli powder and salt mix well scoop the cooked for about 1-2 minutes, turn off the gas. Tasty mix veg pasta (Mix Vegetable Pasta) was completed, the mix veg pasta serving bowl, add butter a little out of the top Serve piping hot.

Labbdar cheese recipe

Labbdar cheese (Paneer Lababdar) is a very tasty North Indian curry cashews, sour cream, onion and tomato with a rich gravy is prepared. Cheese made of different kinds of curry, a delicious option to include any special occasion that you can easily make in a very short time is. Non Lbabdar cheese, parathas, cumin rice, chapati and can be served with tandoori bread, we do it in the curry count Punjabi food is delicious and popular curry Come today we Lbabdar cheese (Paneer Lababdar) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Paneer Lababdar Recipe) -
Cheese (Paneer) - 250 grams (cut into pieces Cokor)
Tomatoes (Tomato) - 2 (finely chop)
Onion (Onion) - 2 (finely chop)
Green pepper (Green Chilly) - 2
Ginger (Ginger) - 1 piece (make grated)
Garlic (Garlic) - 4-5 bud
Small cardamom (Green Cardamom) - 1
Cinnamon (Cinnamon Sticks) - 1 small piece
Kasuri Methi (Kasoori Methi) - ½ teaspoon
Cinnamon (Bay leaf) - ½ slice
Cream (Fresh Cream) - ½ cup
Yoghurt (Yogurt) - ¼ cup
Milk (Milk) - ½ cup
Cashews (Kaju) - 10-15
Chilli Powder (Red Chilly Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Turmeric powder (Turmeric Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Dniya powder (Coriander Powder) - 1 tsp
Sugar (Sugar) - ¼ tsp
Zira (Cumin Seeds) - ½ teaspoon
Hing (Asafoetida) - 2 Pinch
Salt (Salt) - to taste
Oil (Oil) - 3-4 tsp
Green Dniya (Coriander Leaves) - 1 tsp (finely chopped)

Method (How To Make Paneer Lababdar) -
Lbabdar cheese curry spice by making the first we shall draw up the gravy, make masala. Pour 1 tablespoon oil in a pan on the gas to keep warm, when it becomes hot oil well in the hot oil, cashew, and small piece of cinnamon and cardamom are fried lightly fry the ladle pouring. Now the roasted material to a grinder, add 4-5 tablespoons water and put into a tsar Grind Make a paste made out of a bowl. Now back in the pan with 2 tablespoons oil and gas to keep warm, the oil well after they become hot cinnamon and chopped onion in hot oil, add the onion and fry until well not be roast. Now the roasted onion, ginger, garlic and green pepper fry for a short time will run from pouring ladle. Then the roasted spices in medium flame, add chopped tomatoes and cook until they are tender but slightly tomatoes. Now, after being cooled slightly roasted spices cinnamon extract the roasted material fine powder paste by mixing it in a grinder to prepare a tsar, was ready to make gravy for seasoning.

Now we Bnaiengen gravy, 3-4 tablespoons oil to make gravy to pour on the gas to keep warm when the oil is hot, add the cumin and asafetida in hot oil after they become choppy, make all the roasted cumin spices and cashew nuts after roasting ladle, add the paste will run slightly roasted turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, Dniya powder, sugar and salt are run ladle medium heat and fry for 4-5 minutes cook. Now the cream, add the yogurt mix and make Kasuri methi and the gravy ladle about 1 cup water and cook until it boils are run, the gravy comes to a boil, then add the cheese pieces in gravy and vegetable mix Cover and cook on low flame for 4-5 minutes. Turn off gas, Lbabdar delicious cheese (Paneer Lababdar) has been completed, remove the piping hot cheese Lbabdar the serving bowl and garnish with chopped coriander bread, naan, parathas, whole or serve with rice.

Chandrakala Gujiya recipe

Lunar Gujiya (Chandrakala Gujhiya) of Bengal is a very popular and tasty dish that you can easily see the most is all the sweets shop. Chandrakala Gujiya and very unique flavor in food is very tasty, especially the Holi festival at our festival here most every Gujiya course is drawn. We have many different ways to Gujiya and can be made with different kinds of stuffing. Bengal today we share special recipes and traditional dishes Chandrakala Gujiya will try to help you to prepare this delicious dish we Chandrakala So let's Gujiya (Chandrakala Gujhiya) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Chandrakala Gujhiya Recipe) -
To flour (For Dough) -
Flour (Maida) - 2 cups
Milk (Milk) - ½ cup
Butter (Ghee) - 3-4 tsp
Water (Water) - flour to
For Stuffing (For Stuffing) -
Lost (Mawa) - 250 gm
Butter (Ghee) - 1 tsp
Powdered sugar (Sugar Powder) - ½ cup
Gurry (Grated Coconut) - ½ cup
Chironji (Chiraungi) - 4-5 tsp
Raisins (Raisin) - 20-25
Cardamom powder (Cardomom Powder) - 1 tsp
To make the sugar syrup (For Sugar Syrup) -
Sugar (Sugar) - 2 cups
Water (Water) - 1 cup
Other important things (Other Things) -
Butter (Ghee) - Gujiya for frying
Flour slurry (Maida ka Ghol) - 1 tablespoon flour 3 teaspoons in a cup with water to make a slurry

Method (How To Make Chandrakala Gujhiya) -
Chandrakala Gujiya the first to make 1 tablespoon ghee in a heavy bottom pan, then lost it in ghee fry until pink. Roasted lost out again to cool in a bowl and leave it. It then turns cold when the lost ground sugar (sugar) and mix well, add the nuts, stuffing mix Gujiya has agreed to fill in.
Now for the outer layer of flour Lgayengen Gujion Chandrakala, flour to the dough in a bowl, remove filter. Now melt the butter, add the flour and mix well with both hands. Mix in the flour and milk with the help of water, as Guth make a stiff dough. Now the woven cotton cloth moistened dough for about 20 minutes and put the Dankkr. Now, after 20 minutes, making sure to set Guँth with flour again. Make a small ball of dough and Loiyon now also kept covered with a wet cloth. Roll the dough to a Purion now, like all the best Belkar Loiyon prepare.Take off and Chandrakala Gujiya is not required to make the mold so Gujiya Gotkr is made by hand along the edge of the Gujiya Gotne you have to practice, the way you prepare the filling completely the Gujiya Guti and then loaded a tray or plate Cover Gujiya keep.
So we loaded up Gujiya Tlengen, Gujiya frying pan, adding fuel to a gas to be heated. When they become ghee, add 1-2 Gujiya and sauté on low turn back until brown speckles. Now in a pot on a kitchen towel to remove Gujiya of embroidery spread all over him Chandrakala Gujion Remove fried, similar to all Gujion prepare fried.
Now all the sugar we put fried Chandrakala Gujion Pagenge, we now Bnaiengen syrup. To create a pan, add the sugar syrup in the sugar syrup and water to be put on the gas and syrup from the ladle to make the 2-wire syrup. Now, turn off the gas because of the sugar was completed all has 2 wires. Pour the sugar syrup fried Gujiya we Cdayengen layer. The sugar-fried Gujiya 2-3 Put in a dish and pour out so by all Gujion dipped in sugar syrup and extract Gujion different from each other by about half an hour left in the open air Please. Delicious Chandrakala Gujiya (Chandrakala Gujhiya) were completed, the Chandrakala Gujion you can use to put up about 1-2 weeks.

Home Remedies for Anemia

Having a lack of blood in the body depends mainly on the fact that your daily diet contains nutrients which are what our body is found in two types-the Blood Cells
1. White Blood Cells
2. Red Blood Cells
Red Blood Cells in our body by lack of hemoglobin in our body decreases and we are the problem of anemia, hemoglobin decreased mainly due to a lack of iron in the blood is considered to be a lot in today's times anemia it is common problem and suffer from the disease is seen more commonly in women. Anemia in the patient's body with iron and other elements, such as vitamin B, folic acid, vitamin C and fiber, and also decreases. We have a lot of blood loss occurring in the body household tips and making changes to your eating habits can be very easily at home today So let's measures to overcome the shortage of blood and household tips (Home Remedies For Anemia) will talk about.

Domestic measures to overcome the shortage of blood (Home Remedies For Anemia): -
1. beet shortage of blood to the very prison and is considered beneficial vegetable, beet, which is found in abundance in the Iron Blood Cells That makes the Active anemia patients in their daily diet such as some form of beet juice, vegetable, salad or salad etc. must include.
2. The lack of blood to remove a lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey and mix it with a glass of water a day to drink blood loss gradually goes away.
3. Anemia in Patients dry Fruts your daily diet must include dry fruits because the level of iron in the body is very booming. Fruts dry walnuts and pistachios, is really good for anemia, the body iron is plentiful.
4. The shortage of blood to mix garlic and salt sauce made from hemoglobin deficiency is to eat daily.
5. The problem of anemia is to reduce the intake of tea and coffee, because caffeine is iron deficiency starts.
6. Along with the delicious corn and peanuts in terms of health is very profitable, it is a very beneficial for patients with anemia occur.
7. In order to overcome the problem of anemia daily on an empty stomach to eat an apple and ten palm This problem can be overcome very easily.
8. Every day after dinner, after dinner a little molasses deficiency anemia can be.
9. GENERAL season ripe mango pulp 1 glass with milk increases the blood levels.
10. Increase the level of iron intake of spinach is a very good option, its intake of iron in the body, as well as calcium, vitamins A, B, C, E, fiber, and also the elements are met. Spinach in your daily diet plentiful in different ways, such as soups, salads, vegetables, some stuffed bread, chapati Include.

Momos soy cheese recipe

Momos (Momos) of today's time is a very popular Tibetan dishes cooked by the steam is prepared, momos we are created with different kinds of fillings such veg.momos, cheese momos, chicken momos, Egg Momojh etc., but today we have a new twist to the taste momos and experiment with soy Grenyuls and cheese stuffing and fried together with some vegetables ready to eat and Momojh Bnaiengen unique Test will be the brand new and have Come today we slept at home cheese momos (soya paneer momos) Bnaiengen which the health as well as being delicious enough to be nutritious.

Required materials (Ingredients For Soya Paneer Momos Recipe) -
To cover momos (For Momos cover) -
Flour (Maida) -1 cup
Oil (Oil) - 1 tsp (for Moyn)
Baking powder (Baking Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Salt (Salt) - to taste
For the stuffing (For Stuffing) -
Cheese (Paneer) -100 g (make mash)
Grenyuls soy (Soya Granules) - ¼ cup (boiled to make mash)
Cabbage (Cabbage) - ¼ tsp (grated)
Capsicum (Green Capsicum) - ½ cup (finely chopped)
Carrots (Carrot) - 1 (finely chop)
Tomatoes (Tomato) -1 (finely chopped)
Onion (Onion) - 1 (finely chopped)
Green pepper (Green Chilly) -1-2 (finely chop)
Chilli Powder (Red Chilly Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Chili Sauce (Chilly Sauce) - 1 tsp
Tomato sauce (Tomato Sauce) -1 tsp
Pepper (Black Pepper) - ½ teaspoon (ground)
Ajinomoto (Ajinomoto) - 2 Pinch
Butter (Butter) - 2-3 teaspoons
Salt (Salt) - to taste

Method (How To Make Soya Paneer Momos) -
First oil in flour to make soy cheese momos, backing powder and salt and knead the dough with water, flour and place the dough covered for about 1 hour, should be ready to flower, until the dough will set yet When we prepared stuffing for momos.
The first one to make the stuffing momos nonstick pan, add 2 tablespoons butter put on gas for heating, hot and slightly melt the butter in it shall go out, finely chopped onion, chopped green pepper, grated cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, chili sauce, tomato sauce, ajinomoto powder, salt and pepper and fry for about 5 minutes, add. Fry will now be treated with spices boiled in soy Grenyuls mash and mash the cheese will be put together and fry for about 2-3 minutes, turn off the gas, momos soy cheese stuffing is completed .

Now we Bnaiengen momos, momos small round ball of dough to make braided and dried flour dough wrapped in a thin vine-like round the whole stay. Bailey was now completely full with 1 teaspoon stuffing will take paper turn off all around, be sure to prepare the way by making all the momos, steam cooked or deep-fried momos is prepared by using steam the market for cooking, thereby giving very easy once you get the stand momos momos come and stand around 14-15 steaming momos are cooking in 20 minutes. If you do not stand momos, we still can very easily prepared at home, is making momos. Momos stand without a large pot filled with water to create heat which rice should come filtering sieve, sieve, sieve the momos and hot water are put into the water to keep the water in the sieve would not, therefore, Place a sieve over her momos with no utensils. Cook for about 10 minutes to steam momos, now running out of steam and extract out the serving plate of delicious soy cheese momos Momojh sauce, tomato sauce and Meyonij Serve piping hot with the sauce, delicious soy cheese momos (Soya Paneer Momos) has been completed.

Onion sauce recipe

Sauce is an Urdu word which we say vegetable in Hindi, we like different vegetables such as chili sauce, onions, eggplant, okra, etc. is making to prepare. We make small onion onion sauce you most every season in the market is very easy to find. Onion sauce and very tasty food in the casserole and with biryani Come today we have become very good combination of onion garnish this traditional dish (Pyaaj Ka Salan) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Pyaaj Ka Salan Recipe) -
Small onion (Small Onion) - 7-8
Onion (Onion) - 1 (in long cut into pieces)
Ginger (Ginger) - 1 piece
Garlic (Garlic) - 5-6 bud
Rye grain (Musturd Seeds) - ½ teaspoon
Fenugreek (Fenugreek Seeds) - ½ teaspoon
Turmeric powder (Turmeric Powder) - 1 tsp
Curry (Curry Leaves) - 5-6
Whole red peppers (Whole Red Chilly) - 2-3
Tamarind pulp (Tamarind Pulp) - 2 tsp
White Sesame (White Sesame Seeds) - 2 tsp
Whole Dniya (Whole Coriander seeds) -2 tsp
Jeera (Cumin Seeds) - 1 tsp
Groundnuts (Peanuts) - ½ cup
Oil (Oil) - required (for gravy and fried onions)
Salt (Salt) - to taste

Method (How To Make Mirchi Ka salan) -
To make the first small onion sauce Peel the onions and wash and wipe well, now all the onion incision from both sides attached to the bottom, leave the onions. Now we will prepare the onion sauce for seasoning, seasoning to make white sesame, groundnut, cumin and whole Dniya in a separate pan fry and leave it to cool them now, when it's cold, then turns the whole spices add the whole red chili grind them in a grinder. Now grinder jars Cutted onion, ginger and garlic in a grinder to grind. Pour oil in a pan and when the oil is hot, put the gas to well after they become warm the whole small onions in the hot oil and fry for 1 minute, add in, then the fried onions on kitchen paper remove. Now again pour oil in the pan to keep warm when they become heated in hot oil and mustard oil Click, then put the fenugreek seeds, curry leaves and fry for 10-15 seconds. Now add ginger garlic paste and onion fry until golden, then mixing the dry ground spices and turmeric powder and fry for about 5 minutes until the spices were not separated from the oil. Now we add these two and a half cups of water, add the spices, slow fire and cook for about 8-10 minutes. After ripening spice tamarind pulp, add ½ cup water to make a slurry-like solution of the tamarind sauce and mix 2 minutes after 2 minutes cooked fried little onion in it, add and mix up put salt. Now the onion sauce Cover and cook on low flame Kriv 9-10 minutes in between running the Czech continued to dip the ladle. If you're looking to customize the gravy thickens when water is put in the onion Mix all spices well done, turn off the gas, delicious onion sauce (Pyaaj Ka Salan) was completed, the onion garnish the serving bowl full out, chapati, serve piping hot with rice or biryani.

Cauliflower Manchurian Recipe

Cauliflower Manchurian (Gobi Manchurian) Indo-Chinese dish that is very popular cauliflower and Chinese dishes prepared by the time today's inflated by all age groups, being well liked. The Perfect Combo Fried Rice with Cauliflower Manchurian is considered Manchurian making different kind of materials such as ready-mix veg Manchurian do, Egg Manchurian, Cauliflower Manchurian, cabbage Manchurian, Manchurian soya, soya etc. Manchurian. Today we ask you to be as simple and quick recipes Cauliflower Manchurian, who will share a new flavor in food is very tasty and the Come today we Cauliflower Manchurian (Gobhi Manchurian) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Gobhi Manchurian Recipe) -
To fry the cabbage pieces (For Gobhi Piece) -
Cabbage (Cauliflower) - 500 grams (cut into small pieces)
Floor corn (Corn Flour) - ¼ cup
Chilli Powder (Red Chilli Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Yoghurt (Curd) - 2 tsp
Salt (Salt) - to taste
Oil (Oil) - required (for deep-fried cheese pieces)
Manchurian for gravy (For Manchurian Gravy) -
Tomato sauce (Tomato Sauce) - 4-5 tsp
White vinegar (White Vinegar) - 1 tsp
Soy Sauce (Soya Sauce) - 2-3 teaspoons
Green onions (Spring Onion) - ½ cup (finely chopped)
Garlic (Garlic) - 8-10 buds (Peel and finely chop)
Onions (Onions) - 2 (finely chop)
Floor corn (Corn Flour) - 2 tablespoons (½ cup water to make slurry)
Ajinomoto powders (Ajinomoto Powder) - ½ tsp (Optional)
Salt (Salt) - to taste
Oil (Oil) - 3-4 tsp

Method (How To Make Gobhi Manchurian) -
Cauliflower Manchurian cauliflower pieces to make the first we shall draw up by deep-fried. To prepare the first pieces of cabbage in a pan, put oil and gas for heating and cabbage chopped into pieces took about 10 minutes for a plate to be marinette, cabbage pieces to marinette above the red chilli powder, salt and pour yogurt and leave it for 10 minutes to thoroughly mix the cabbage wedges and a bike wrapped in a piece of dry corn flour, oil well when they become hot 2-3 add the cabbage pieces in the hot oil and deep fry until golden brown, remove, so be sure to prepare all the fried cauliflower pieces.

Now we Manchurian Bnaiengen gravy, pour oil in the pan to make gravy Manchurian hot to keep on the gas, the oil well after they become hot, add the chopped garlic in hot oil and fry for a short time add the chopped onion fry until light pink. Then the roasted onions, add chopped green onion, fry for 1 minute, then the soy sauce, mix well, add tomato sauce are sure to fry for 1 minute. Then gravy corn syrup and thoroughly Floor Mix spices and salt and turn off the gas Ajinomoto powder mix. Cauliflower Manchurian is gravy was completed. Now Manchurian cauliflower pieces in gravy fries are done well on low heat, add the Manchurian Gravy Mix well on pieces of cabbage comes coating. Turn off gas, delicious Cauliflower Manchurian (Gobhi Manchurian) has been completed, remove the piping hot serving bowl of Cauliflower Manchurian leaf garnish with chopped green onion and serve with noodles or fried rice of your choice.

Pumpkin pudding recipe

Gourd pudding (Lauki Ka Halwa) is a very famous North Indian (North Indian) any festival or special occasion dessert that you can prepare is by drawing on. Many families in the days of fasting in the pudding is made of gourd pudding is very tasty and nutritious, which is very easily be made at home in less Come today we have this at home delicious sweet pudding dish gourd (Lauki Ka halwa) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe) -
Gourd (Lauki) - 1 kg (Make grated peel)
Lost (Mawa) - 250 gm
Sugar (Sugar) - ½ cup
Ghee (Pure ghee) - 4 -5 spoons
Cardamom powder (Cardamom Powder) - 1 tsp
Almond (Almond) - 6-7 (finely chopped)
Pistachios (Pistachios) - 4-5 (finely chopped)
Raisins (Raisins) - 9-10
Cashews (Kaju) - 10-12 (finely chop)
Gurry (Dry coconut) - 1 tsp (were grated)

Method (How To Make Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe) -
The first one to make pudding gourd 4-5 tablespoons ghee in a pan on the gas to keep warm, so this resulted in a pan of grated gourd cover the pan on low flame and in a short while the spoon gourd at the bottom of the pan, stir the gourd from themselves. When the gourd to gourd soft then mix with sugar and cook on low flame. Gourd gourd mixed with sugar release large amounts of water seems to be the grated gourd gourd with sugar and cook until the water should be completely dried up. Turn off the gas and the gas cooled slightly after removing from the pan, the Mawa, raisins, cashews, almonds, pistachios were grated coconut and mix well, add running to scoop, now cardamom powder from the top of the pudding add the mix. Delicious pumpkin pudding (Lauki Ka Halwa) has been completed, the serving bowl piping hot pumpkin pudding was out of grated coconut and chopped up and serve garnished with dry fruits.

Delhi Special crushed naan recipe

Naan (Naan) is a very famous Punjabi dish we prepare is made with different kinds of stuffing, and the tandoori naan is prepared by making it very easy to be made without a pan in oven is. Today we have a very special and unique dish of Delhi crush Nan will share recipes by which you try this dish can quickly crush the Come today we naan (Chur Chur Naan) Bnaiengen, delicious pieces dal makhani you naan, raita of your choice and serve with cheese curry.

Required materials (Ingredients For Chur Chur Naan Recipe) -
To find flour (For Dough) - Flour (Maida) - ½ cup
Salt (Salt) - ¼ tsp
Ghee / oil (Ghee / Oil) - 2-3 teaspoons (for Moyn)
Yoghurt (Yogurt) - ¼ tsp
Sugar (Sugar) - ¼ tsp
Soda water (Soda Water) - 1 cup / requirement (to set the dough for naan)
To make stuffing (For Stuffing) - boiled potatoes (Mash Boiled Potato) - 1-2 (make mash)
Onion (Chopped Onion) - 1 (finely chopped)
Green pepper (Green Chilly) - 1 (finely chop)
Green Dniya (Coriander Leaves) - 2 tbsp (finely chop)
Chilli Powder (Red Chilly Powder) - ¼ tsp
Garam masala powder (Garam Masala Powder) - ¼ tsp
Dry mango powder (Dry Mango Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Nigella seeds (Onion Seeds) - Sixth spoon
Salt (Salt) - to taste
Butter (Butter) - 4-5 teaspoons (to place on non)

Method (How To Make Chur Chur Naan) -
Non crushed to make the first flour in a bowl and Moyn decant oil / ghee, salt, sugar and yogurt, add soda water Mix well and put the dough with it. Now the dough ferment (yeast), to keep it for half an hour, a half hour later you will see that the dough has doubled in size from the first flower.
In a large bowl to make stuffing for non-mash boiled Aluo Remove Fine, now in Aluo chopped onions, green pepper, red chilli powder, dry mango powder, garam masala powder, chopped green Dniya and salt content Mix well to combine, crushed potato filling was completed for the naan.
Now we crush non Bnaiengen: - to make the first non-woven small ball of dough Make as many as you have created Loiya flour with potato stuffing Make round balls. A flour dough by lifting a little dry flour Prothan Roll, the ball was now in the belly with a potato stuffing ball lifted off from all sides to make dough. The remains of potatoes wrapped in dough dried flour Prothan make slight increase pressing dough, so the dough with a rolling pin into round or length Roll. Belle then went up a little fennel and a little chopped green non Dniya pouring down on non-stick. Now a non-stick pan to soak up kulcha on gas to keep warm when they become hot frying pan with oil and put slightly greasy. Belle is now put on the non-hot griddle and you have made a note of this in such a way that non of the fennel to the pan began to enter the non-drinker should be up. Nan now overturned the lower surface after light sink both on the surface and then a little bit of naan with ghee turned back, until light speckles Soak toasted now the crush crush crush your hands together with a butter naan and piping hot to your serve with vegetables of choice any gravy, similar to the rest of the building are all non prepare, delicious naan pieces (Chur Chur naan) has been completed.

Lost cheese pea curry recipe

Cheese made of vegetables and tasty treats us fairly certain that we mix with gravy made of different materials are prepared, the way we make cheese from the very different kind of vegetable. Today we use a very rich gravy, vegetable cheese cheese Lost peas (Khoya Paneer Matar) who will share recipes are easy to make, can be prepared in less time with the Come today we also and designed to be easily lost tasty vegetable cheese peas (Khoya paneer Matar) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients for Khoya Paneer Matar Recipe) -
Cheese (Paneer) - 250 grams (cut into square pieces)
Lost / Mawa (Khoya / Mawa) - 100 g (Make grated)
Frozen peas (Frozen Green Pea) - ½ cup
Onion (Onion) -1 (finely chopped)
Green pepper (Green Chilly) - 2-3 (finely chopped)
Garlic (Garlic) - 4 -5 bud
Tomatoes (Tomato) - 2 (Make a paste)
Ginger (Ginger) - 1 piece (make grated)
Yoghurt (Curd) - ¼ cup
Cream (Fresh Cream) - ½ cup
Hing (Asafoetida) - 2 Pinch
Jeera (Cumin Seeds) - ½ teaspoon
Turmeric powder (Turmeric powder) - a spoon
Dniya powder (Coriander powder) - a spoon
Chilli Powder (Red Chilly powder) - ½ teaspoon
Garam masala powder (Garam Masala) - ¼ tsp
Salt (Salt) - to taste
Green Dniya (Coriander leaves) - 2 tbsp (finely chopped)
Oil (Edible Oil) - 2 - 3 tablespoons

Method (How To Make Khoya Paneer Matar) -
First we lost to make cheese peas masala gravy making to be ready, to make seasoning chopped onions, green pepper, garlic and ginger in a jar and put in a grinder to fine powder Make a paste. Pour oil in a pan on the gas to keep warm, when it becomes hot oil well in the hot oil, add asafoetida and cumin choppy back to it now, onion, green pepper and fry for 2 minutes, add ginger garlic paste , then the roasted spices, tomato paste, turmeric powder, Dniya powder, red chilli powder and garam masala spice powder and fry till the oil separates from the masala does not appeared. Then fried in spices cream, yogurt, salt and mix well to make a slightly fried and frozen peas, add the spices and grated Mawa fry for 1 minute. Now the gravy ladle about 1 cup water and cook until it boils are run, the gravy comes to a boil, then add the cheese pieces in gravy and vegetable mix of Cover cook on a low flame for 4-5 minutes. Turn off gas, delicious cheese peas Lost (Khoya Paneer Matar Curry) was completed, the piping hot cheese peas lost out in the serving bowl and garnish with chopped coriander bread, naan, parathas, whole or Rice serve with.

Beetroot salad recipes

Garnish with the food is meant to be, the doubling of food taste, we make raita is tasty variety of different materials. Today we have with you a very nutritious beet raita (Beetroot Raita), which it will share recipes with delicious food in a short time can be easily prepared by the Come today we beetroot raita ( Beetroot Raita) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Beetroot Raita Recipe) -
Yoghurt (Curd) - 2 cups
Beet (Boiled Beetroot) - 1 (slight boil make grated)
Salt (Salt) - to taste
Black salt (Black Salt) - ¼ tsp
Roasted cumin powder (Roasted Cumin Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Chilli Powder (Red Chilly Powder) - ¼ tsp
Green Coriander (Coriander Leaves) - 1 tsp (finely chopped)
For Seasoning (For Seasoning) -
Oil (Oil) - 1 tsp
Jeera (Cumin seed) - ½ teaspoon
Hing (Asafoetida) - 1 pinch

Method (How to make Beetroot Raita Recipe) -
Beetroot raita yogurt faint to make sure the first and the grated beetroot, plain salt, black salt, chopped green coriander, red chilli powder and roasted cumin powder Fante Put the yogurt and mix well. Delicious beet raita (Beetroot Raita) is ready. Now we in the choppy Lgayengen beet raita, a choppy to choppy Heat oil in pan, add 1 tablespoon oil becomes hot, add the cumin and asafetida in it this early morning bike and join in the raita. Delicious beet raita (Beetroot Raita) is ready.

Peanut Fried Rice Recipe

Peanut Fried Rice (Peanut Fried Rice) is a very delicious Indian dish that you can prepare very easily in a short time by which the food is also very tasty as well as the dish to create Healthy Rice , Peanut green vegetable with the highest amount of use is, peanut Fried Rice and the children can prepare for Tiffin dish especially children very much like it is coming come today we peanut delicious fried rice dish (peanut Fried Rice) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Peanut Fried Rice Recipe) -
Basmati Rice (Basmati Rice) - ½ cup
Peanuts (Peanut) - ¼ cup (cold and make fried)
Beans (Green Beans) - 10-12 pods (cut into small pieces)
Capsicum (Green Capsicum) - 1 (seeds removed and cut into small pieces)
Carrots (Carrot) - 1 (cut into thin pieces)
Onion (Onion) - 1 (in long and cut into pieces)
Green pepper (Green Chilly) - 2 (finely chop)
Chilli Powder (Red Chilly Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Salt (Salt) - to taste
Oil (Oil) - 3-4 tsp

Method (How To Make Peanut Fried Rice) -
First to make peanut Fried Rice Basmati rice in water for about 10 minutes for clearing Clean Bhingo let the now wet rice with 3 cups of water and put in a pressure cooker about to close on the gas and keep Dkkn 1-2 turn off the gas after the whistle. Will be well when they become cold rice in a pan, pour oil on the gas to keep warm, the oil well after they become heated in hot oil, add chopped green peppers and chopped onions are run ladle fry until brown, add chopped onions, beans after roasting, add chopped carrots and bell peppers, fry for 3-4 minutes drive from the ladle, then it will be fried, Peanut, red chili powder and ladle salt mix well, be sure to fry for about 2 minutes. Now the spices already made and thoroughly cooled Mix the rice with the rice seasoning mix well Fry will take some time to run ladle, turn off the gas, gourmet peanut Fried Rice (peanut Fried Rice) has been completed, remove the piping hot peanut Fried Rice serving bowl veg manchurian gravy or any of your choice, raita, pickles, papad and serve with sauce.

Of radish moong dal Bhujia Recipe

Radishes (Radish) is very beneficial vegetable ingredients which are found in high amounts Pusk Jaydada very profitable in terms of the health of all of us in your diet radish is used as in so many different forms - radish the parathas, radish pickles, radishes and lettuce and vegetable. Of radish dry with moong dal Today we will share recipes Bhujiya the radish leaves, which are also used are also very nutritious as well as tasty. Especially full of moong dal and parathas with radish Bhujiya looks very tasty and the vegetables dal or vegetable curry with a side dish can be served as if we radish Come today Bhujiya of moong dal (Mooli Mungdal Ki Bhujiya) Bnaiengen.

Moong dal radish Bhujia

Required materials (Ingredients For Mooli Mungdal Ki Bhujiya Recipe) -
Radishes (Radish) - 4-5 (Peel and cut into small pieces)
Radish leaves (Radish Leaves) - Pound (finely chop)
Moong dal (Mungdal) - ¼ cup (washed in water for 1 hour to give Bhingo)
Green pepper (Green Chiily) - 2-3 (finely chop)
Garlic (Garlic Cloves) - 7-8 bud (finely chop)
Zira (Cumin Seeds) - ½ teaspoon
Hing (Asafoetida) - 2 Pinch
Mustard oil (Mustard Oil) - 3-4 tsp
Salt (Salt) - to taste

Method (How To Make Mooli Mungdal Ki Bhujiya) -
To make the first cut of moong dal Bhujiya radish radish stem and leaves a Drain thoroughly washed with water. Now washed radishes and radish leaves and put in a pressure cooker whistle Boil 1-2. When the pressure cooker radish and radish leaves after they become lost once again let out the water with a sieve. Radish leaves and goes out when the water gets cold radish and radish and radish leaves boiled down well with both hands squeezing water out and keep it in a plate. Now we Bnaiengen Bhujiya first pour oil in a pan on the gas to keep warm, then hot oil when the oil becomes hot, add the asafoetida and cumin make choppy, chopped green chillies and garlic, add pieces of ladle stir-fry the garlic and roast it then be held before Bhingoyi moong dal fry for 2 minutes, pour the water out of it, make the pulses after they become slightly fried radish and radish leaves, it was extracted and put in the pan stir well to mix and scoop up the salt and mix Bhujiya 7-8 minutes on low heat cook. Turn off the gas and the serving bowl radish out piping hot parathas Bhujiya of moong dal and serve with whole, delicious radish Bhujiya of moong dal (Mooli Mungdal Ki Bhujiya) has been completed.

Carrots, peas fried mushroom recipes

Mushroom fried carrots peas in a very healthy and tasty North Indian side dish that is made especially cold days, the vegetable side dishes like dinner and lunch can be served with whole or parathas is grated. Mushroom fried carrots peas taste like a lot of people, most of all because it is not only sweet but also very mild vegetable taste is Tangy flavor so delicious mushroom Come today we fry carrots peas vegetable (Mushroom Gajar Matar Fry) Bnaiengen, you can easily make this vegetable can be prepared in a very short time is.

Required materials (Ingredients For Mushroom Gajar Matar Fry Recipe) -
Mushroom (Mushroom) - 250 g (in long and cut into pieces)
Carrots (Carrot) -1 (cut into small pieces)
Frozen peas (Frozen Green Pea) - ½ cup
Onion (Onion) -1 (finely chopped)
Green pepper (Green Chilly) - 2 (finely chopped)
Jeera (Cumin Seeds) - ½ teaspoon
Hing (Asafoetida) - 2 Pinch
Turmeric powder (Turmeric Powder) - ¼ tsp
Chilli Powder (Red Chilly Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Dniya powder (Coriander Powder) - 1 tsp
Dry mango powder (Dry Mango Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Green Dniya (Coriander Leaves) -2 spoon (finely chopped)
Salt (Salt) - to taste
Oil (Oil) - 3-4 tsp

Method (How To Make Mushroom Gajar Matar Fry) -
Mushroom fried carrots peas to make the first oil in a pan on the gas to keep warm. When the oil becomes hot, add the cumin and asafetida in hot oil choppy bike, cumin roast, add the chopped onion and green pepper fry until pink. Fry the onions are done well, turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder and mix to spice up the ladle run. Now the spices chopped carrots, mushrooms, frozen peas and salt and mix well and ladle the vegetables cook on low flame for 3-4 minutes will run. Vegetable cook covered on a low flame for 6-7 minutes. Simmer the vegetables cook, opening the lid of the vegetable to vegetable Czech pressing the Play and carrots, the carrots are not just sore, you feel like you need to put 1-2 tablespoons vegetable water Add the water and cover the vegetables by simmering again and cook for about 5 minutes. Turn off gas, delicious mushroom fried carrots peas (Mushroom Gajar Matar Fry) has been completed. Now remains the mushroom fried carrots peas and chopped green coriander and put in dry mango powder mix. Piping hot mushroom fried carrots peas parathas coil out into the serving bowl, serve with bread and whole.


Gulab Jamun is a very famous and delicious traditional sweet dish, which is made mostly of course the festivals and on special occasions. Gulab Jamun is very tasty to eat them at home can be made very easily, Gulab Jamun, which are mainly made from Mawa in the food look delicious, but today we Mawa normal rose with berries Twist a little chocolate for the chocolate-making gulab jamun Bnaiengen mawa is made by stuffing a chocolate rose berries and chocolate taste when served with porridge coil increases manifold Come today we also have delicious chocolate delicious chocolate roses berries (Chocolate Gulab Jamun) Bnaiengen.

Required materials (Ingredients For Chocolate Gulab Jamun Recipe) -
To make gulab jamun (For Gulab Jamun) -
Lost / Mawa (Mawa) - 250 gm
Chocolate Chips (Chocolate Chips) - 2 tsp
Flour (Maida) - 2-3 teaspoons
Cardamom powder (Cardamom Powder) - ½ teaspoon
Baking powder (Baking Powder) - 2 Pinch
Milk (Milk) -2-3 spoons
Ghee (Pure Ghee) - gulab jamun for frying
To make the sugar syrup (For Sugar Syrup) -
Sugar (Sugar) - 2 cups
Water (Water) - ½ cup
Cardamom powder (Cardamom Powder) - ½ teaspoon
To serve (For Serving) -
HASP pottage (Lachha Rabdi) - quarter cup
Pistachio (Pista) - 1 tbsp (finely chopped)

Method (How To Make Chocolate Gulab Jamun Recipe) -
Grate the chocolate rose berries to make the first lost and lost in a large bowl with grated now withdraw, now lost in the flour, cardamom powder, baking powder and add to the mix. Then all materials like flour knead slightly soft, add a little milk. The dough, making sure to lubricate very well crush crush soft'll be the gulab jamun. Gulab jamun mix is ​​ready, put the mixture we cover, before we make gulab jamun gulab jamun for Bnaiengen syrup.

Bnaiengen syrup: -
To make sugar syrup of sugar and water in a large pot, add the First Place on medium heat and ladle the continued periodic syrup, the sugar dissolves and the syrup comes to the boil and cook for 2-3 minutes, then the syrup Let the sugar syrup 1 drop into the plate so that the syrup Tpakakr Czech pasting between finger and thumb on the small wire becomes syrup has become so, turn off the gas. Gulab Jamun half wire syrup is ready.

Now we Bnaiengen chocolate Gulab Jamun -
Mawa chocolate to make gulab jamun mix again well knead, mix a little of the mixture (about half a teaspoon) between both palms to keep scoring goals and shot 2-3 chocolate chips Stuff make sure to keep a plate, making sure to prepare a similar shot from the mix. Now we will deep-fried chocolate rose berries, rose berries deep-fried in a pan on the gas and keep adding fuel to heat it. When they become heated gas oil well turn down 2-3 and gulab jamun balls fry it in hot oil, keep in mind that this particular you Gulab Jamun, which should be enough quantity of ghee for frying they should be completely immersed deep fried gulab jamun and the gas should be too slow, while hot ghee Fry Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamun enter the ladle and turn brown after being overturned sauté lightly. When they become brown gulab jamun around Fry rose berries in a plate and keep out of the pan and let cool on a little (about 1-2 minutes) light put in hot syrup. This will make the entire mixture into a round rose syrup berries fry, fried gulab jamun sugar Bhingo keep nearly 1 hour after the proud and become spongy and sweet, yet you chocolate Gulab Jamun out in the serving plate serve piping hot or chilled. Gulab Jamun delicious chocolate (Chocolate Gulab Jamun) has been completed.

Note: -
Before frying the chocolate Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamun 1 Test fry in ghee put into, then burst into the Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamun fuel mixture Mix a little flour and mix.

89 Words and Phrases You Should Know

Who doesn’t love to eat?
What’s more important? Your waistline or your happiness?
Explore delicious local foods while abroad – you won’t be sorry!
Spending time at restaurants can really factor into your cultural immersion and Spanish language learning experience.
Access to a fully-equipped kitchen can be hard to come by while traveling, and you may well prefer to dedicate your time to seeing the sights rather than grocery shopping (though I’ll be the first to tell you that exploring a local market can be extremely fun). Talk to locals, find out where the local hot spots are, and ask about regional cuisine. People love to talk about food as much as they love to eat it!
No plans to travel? Join in on the fun by visiting a local Mexican restaurant or Spanish tapas bar with a Spanish-speaking staff.
Before you arrive at your destination, equip yourself with the following words and phrases so you can order your meal like a native Spanish speaker!

If you've Chosen a swanky bistro That Is Regularly Flooded With devoted patrons, May you need to make a reservation ahead of time. Call them up on the phone and be sure to greet with a friendly salutation. Next, tell them "I would like to make a reservation for # people." "I would like to make a reservation for # person (s)." They will Then ask you, "Under Whose name?" "Under the name of whom? "

If you're like me and, uh, fail to plan well Typically in advance, you can slip into a full restaurant by Requesting a seat at the bar:

May I sit at the bar? - Could you sit at the bar? (Poh-dree-ah-sen tar-May in the bar)

Special dietary preferences are Often viewed with a suspicious eye in Latin America. You really need to specify your server With what it is that you 'can not eat. Clearly state:

I am vegetarian - I'm vegetarian, vegetarian (I'm veh-heh-tah-ree-ah-noh, veh-heh-tah-ree-ah-nah)

I am allergic to X'm allergic to X (tehn-goh ah-lehr-hee-ah ah)

I do not eat X - not as X. (not koh-moh)

I can not tell you how many times I've seen Ecuadorian restaurants serve meat-laden vegetarian soups disappointed to friends. So, my advice to you is to always double-check your order does not That Contain something you do not want to eat.

Navigating the restaurant

Restaurant - Restaurant (rehs-taur-rahn-teh)

To order - order (peh-deer)

I would like - I would like (kee-see-eh-rah)

The menu - the menu (EHL meh-noo)

Waiter, waitress - waiter (cah-mah-reh-roh), waitress (cah-mah-reh-rah)

Waiter, waitress (Latin America only) - mesero (meh-be-oh), a waitress (meh-be-ah)

Table - table (meh-sah)

Plate - plate (Plah-toh)

Fork - fork (teh-neh-door)

Spoon - Spoon (coo-chah-rah)

Knife - Knife (coo-chee-yoh)

Napkin - napkin (sehr-vee-yeh-tah)

Bill - account (kwehn-tah)

Bring me the check, please - Bring me the bill please (meh trai-gah-tah lah kwehn, poor fah-Vohr)

The paper-signing hand gesture translates smoothly enough. Most small restaurants in Latin American will not accept credit cards, credit cards (tahr-heh-tahs deh creh-dee-toh), so it's best to carry some cash, cash (eh-fek-tee-VOH), on hand in case of emergency.

Understanding regional food traditions

While traveling, always ask the locals:

What is the typical food of esta region? - What is the typical food of this region? (Koh-lah kwahl ehs mee-dah tee-pee-kah-tah deh ehs reh-hee-ohn)

What do you recommend? - What do you recomend? (Reh-koh meh keh-mee-ehn-dah) Do not be afraid to ask the waiter what I or she Recommends.

Drinks - Drinks (beh-bee-dahs)

When seated at a restaurant, the first thing to ask is what will waiter you'd like to drink. Know your vocabulary so you can refreshment get straight to reading the menu!

White wine - white wine (vee-noh-koh blahn)

Red wine - red wine (vee-noh teen-toh)

Coffee - coffee (cah-feh)

Iced tea - iced tea (teh eh-lah-doh)

Soda - cola (koh-lah)

Lemonade - Lemonade (moh-lee-nah-dah)

Juice - juice (hoo-goh)

Milkshake or smoothie - smoothie (bah-tee-doh)

Common flavors of juice or smoothie Might you like to order are:

Melon - Melon (meh-Lohn)

Watermelon - Watermelon (sahn-dee-ah)
Orange - Orage (rahn-hah-nah)
Strawberry - Strawberry (freh-sah) or strawberries (froo-tee-ah)
Grape - Grape (oo-vah)
Breakfast - Breakfast (deh-sah-yoo-noh)
Breakfast is arguably the Most Important meal of the day. Learn how to order breakfast so you can fuel your adventure-filled day abroad!
Bread - Bread (pahn)
Jam - Jam (mehr-meh-lah-dah)
Scrambled eggs - scrambled egg (reh-way-voh vwehl-toh)
Omelet - Tortilla (Tohr-tee-yah)
Bacn - Bacon (toh-see-noh)
Oatmeal - Oatmeal (ah-veh-nah) Do not be alarmed if you get something unexpected. In Latin America, oatmeal is served as a MOST Commonly cool, sweet beverage As opposed to the sticky glop you know and love. It's delicious!

Lunch - Lunch (ahl-mwer-zoh)

In Latin America it is very common to find yourself in a restaurant menu That has not. For lunch, local restaurant-goers will simply strut in, seat Themselves, and request "one lunch, please" - "lunch, please" (ahl-oon-zoh mwer, poor fah-Vohr). Give it a try!

An lunch is a great representation of common home cooking, and is Usually the best bargain. They serve something different daily, so you are welcome to ask:

What's for lunch today? - What you have lunch today? (Keh tee-eh-neh ehl ahl-mwer-zoh of oy)
What's today's menu? - What's today's menu? (Ehs kwahl ehl deh meh-noo oy)
Does this Come With X? - Comes with X? (Bee-ah-neh Kohn X)
Generally lunch includes:
Soup - Soup (soh-pah)
Entrée - main dish (Plah-toh FWER-teh). Usually this is a large plate with a huge heaping portion of rice and beans alongside small portions of meat and salad.
Dessert - dessert (poh-streh)
Dinner - Snack (meh-ree-dah-EHN) / Dinner (CEH-nah)
There are two words for dinner Commonly Used: snack and dinner. In MOST parts of Latin America, snack Refers to an average evening meal and dinner is reserved for special occasions - like a big Christmas Eve turkey dinner. In Spain, is a small meal snack meant to tide you over Between lunch and dinner. In Both contexts, afternoon tea is a light, simple meal - Often bread and cheese, a hot chocolate, or another modest snack. Do not worry though, after an authentic lunch there is a good chance you will not even be hungry by the evening!

Here's some menu lingo Important That will get you through any meal ordering:
Seafood - Seafood (mah-rees-Kohs)
Seafood, shellfish - seafood (mah-rees-Kohs)
Shrimp - Shrimp (kah-mah-rohn-s)
Crab - crab (kahn-greh-hoh)
Lobster - lobstr (lahn-GOHS-tah)
Fish - Fish (PEHS-kah-doh)
Squid - squid (pool-poh)
Tuna - Tuna (ah-toon)
Meats - Meat (car-nay)
Sausage - Chorizo ​​(CHOH-ree-zoh)
Ham - ham (hah-mohn)
Pork tenderloin - pork tenderloin (deh loh moh-be-doe)
Steak - steak (bees-tehk)
Turkey - Turkey (pah-VOH)
Quail - Quail (coh-dohr-neez)
Fruits and Vegetables - Fruits and vegetables (froo-Tah-doo-ee see rahs)
Asparagus - asparagus (ehs-pah-rah-GOHS)
Avocado - Avocado (ah-wah-kah-teh)
Chard  Chard (ah-gah-Sehl)
Eggplant - eggplant (beh-rehn-no-nah)
Pumpkin - Pumpkin (cah-lah-bah-zah)
Spinach - Spinach (eh-spee-nah-kah)
Food preparation
Fillet - steak (fee-leh-teh)
Grilled - Grilled
Roasted - Roast (ah-sah-doh)
In garlic sauce - garlic (ahl-ah-hee yoh)
Breaded - apanado (ah-pah-NAH-doh) or breading or regional very word Breaded *
Barbecued - grilled (lah ah pah-ree-yah)
Dessert - Dessert (poh-stray)
Cake - Cake (tor-tah) or cake (Spain)
Fruit salad - fruit salad (EHN-sah deh dah-lah-froo-tahs)
elatin (Jell-O) - gelatin (heh-lah-tee-nah)
Culinary Specialties of the Spanish-speaking world
Here's what you ve been waiting for! While at home or abroad, try to seek out traditional cuisine from the Spanish-speaking world to better immerse you in the language and culture. There's nothing better justifying That indulgence With an educational experience!
89 spanish vocabulary words phrases restaurant Ceviche
Ceviche - A lemony seafood soup served all along the coasts of Central and South America. Each country Has Its own distinct flavor and style!
spanish restaurant 89 vocabulary words phrases
hicharrón - Pork Rind extravaganza! This fried, seasoned pig skin is a beloved snack THROUGHOUT Latin America and parts of Spain.
spanish restaurant 89 vocabulary words phrases Churros
Churros - Crispy, sugar-coated fried dough - How Could anyone resist?
spanish restaurant 89 vocabulary words phrases
Sweet tres leches - A moist, super-sweet cake That features three forms of milk (natural, dried, and condensed).
spanish restaurant 89 vocabulary words phrases Gazpacho
Gazpacho - The cold, refreshing tomato soup popular in Spain.
spanish restaurant 89 vocabulary words phrases Paella
Paella - A classic Spanish rice dish That blends, beans, seafood, meat, and savory seasonings.
Cripples / Tostones - These crisp, fried plantain slices are a common side dish THROUGHOUT Latin America.