Thursday, February 25, 2016

Vegetable Spring Rolls

All veg spring rolls, especially children, are very fond of. Breakfast at this time may surprise everyone by making spring rolls Ways.
Roll wrappers can be found on the market so if you prefer you can also make fresh at home.

Materials needed:
For rapper:
Flour - 100 grams (one cup)
For stuffing:
Cabbage - 200 grams (one cup finely chopped)
Cheese - 100 grams (half a cup turned crumble)
Green pepper - 1 (finely chopped
Ginger - 1/2 inch long piece grated
Pepper - ¼ tsp low
Red pepper - less than a quarter teaspoon (tart prefer)
Azino Moto - less than a quarter tsp
Soy sauce - a teaspoon
Salt - to taste (¼ tsp)
Oil - for frying spring rolls.

Sieve the flour into a bowl. Now the water (just under a half cup) and put make it thin and smooth batter. Cover the mixture and leave it now. Flour Flowers and stuffing it in wrappers, while filling the Ftega not.

Unless a solution is yet to make stuffing. 1 tbsp oil in a heated Kdahi green chilies, ginger, cabbage and put cheese fry for 1 minute. Then pepper, red pepper, ajinomoto, soy sauce and salt and mix well. Prepare the stuffing rolls.

Create spring rolls wrappers:
Non-stick pan, heat oil and put him right back slightly. Then gently with paper napkin and pour all the oil from the pan would cast around it. Keep the medium hot pan and pour a tablespoon of flour lightly spoon the mixture should be spread around. Spread it as thin Cille. Soak it on low heat. The lighter the color of the top layer of the rapper rapper turns and start to separate yourself from the edge of the pan, then it was off to a plate and keep the oil.

Now on the top side of the wrapper designed to put 2 tablespoons stuffing spread in length. Turning to both sides of the wrapper over the stuffing on top and then roll back Moden. Put it in another plate. Just like all other roles also prepare.

You can also fry the rolls and deep-fried too shallow.

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